Thank you! This years Active in Mission campaign was a total success. We hit over 200% of our initial goal. 

It is such an amazing reminder of kindness and generosity, especially during this time. The pandemic has had financial implications on everyone in one way or another, and yet, you continue to share your blessings with others. 

Your donations will make a huge difference in the lives of individuals, families, and whole communities as overall health is improved, income increases, and pollution decreases.   

You are restoring dignity to people in rural El Salvador – letting them know that Canadians care about them and understand the importance of proper sanitation. Those in the community see that they are seen and valued. Your financial support allows them to experience more of God’s love and hope for their lives.

The SENT Team


We believe that everybody deserves to have access to dignified, clean, sanitary ways to answer the call of nature. 

In rural areas of El Salvador, using a proper toilet is a luxury for 40% of the population.  

With no access to sanitary ways to relieve themselves, many are forced to use uncovered pit latrines (a hole dug in the ground), local streams or rivers as makeshift toilets. This contaminates the water table and increases the risk of intestinal infections three times more since many families collect drinking water from wells or local streams.   

CBM’s partner for Latrines for Life, ENLACE, says that “the second leading reason for medical checkups in El Salvador is treatment of parasites borne from fecal-contaminated water.” That may mean children miss school and adults can’t go to work, thus losing income, and incur often unaffordable medical expenses. 

There is a solution! CBM and ENLACE, along with church and community leaders, are building composting latrines made of brick and a tin roof to protect users from the elements. These prevent waste from contaminating water sources as it is stored in a cement container. Composted waste is then used as fertilizers for crops and gardens. The latrine project also provides waste disposal education, health awareness training and technical support. As a result, the community has seen a decrease in illnesses and have gained a renewed sense of pride. Win, win and more win! 

On teaming up with local health officials and others in their community, Pastor Juan Ramirez of Casa del Alfarero says, “I am proud of what our church has been involved in. God’s love can come in many ways. Here, we are building latrines that turn waste into fertilizer and don’t leak into the water table. The impact is very great! We just need to build more.” 


We are challenging you to get Active in Mission, and walk, bike or run to build latrines for communities in El Salvador.  

Register today for only $20, which goes directly to the 20 latrines we want to build together! Each latrine is about $750 - our goal is to raise $15,000 by August 16! 

Build a team and get your loved ones in on the action! You can rollerblade, skate, bike, run, swim, walk, dance, skip, hop and more! Starting August 9 to 16, get Active in Mission, take photos and/or videos and post on social media using #ActiveinMission!

Get Active. 

We did it! Together, we reached our Active in Mission goal of $15,000 and the actual event week hasn’t even started yet. That means we can build the 20 composting latrines we were aiming for! That’s fantastic! 

That doesn’t mean we’re going to stop fundraising though – we’re stretching our goal to an extra $3,000 (another 4 latrines) so that more communities in El Salvador can have safe, sanitary ways to answer the call of nature! 

Thank you so much for your generosity, and for coming together in this time of uncertainty to think of others.  

Wow! Before we blinked we hit stretch goal 1. Now let's keep digging. We've got more families in need and more latrines to build. So, let's start pushing for the next 8 latrines.

We’ve surpassed Stretch Goals 1 AND 2! You guys are amazing! Well guess what, our local partners in El Salvador still have the capacity to do even MORE for those in need. Whatever we achieve by the end of August 16th will continue to support vulnerable families and communities in El Salvador. So keep getting active!


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