of $1,000 Raised
months of kids education supported
Argyle Road Baptist Church

Education is a powerful tool in developing the full potential of each person, ensuring human dignity, and promoting individual and collective wellbeing. Argyle Road Baptist Church wants to help provide this for marginalized children across the world. COVID lockdowns put interrupted the education of many, many children around the world, and it was even worse for those who don't have access to technology.

Canadian Baptist Ministries has projects in several countries around the world to help marginalized children and youth get their education back on track.

Our church is raising funds for education by telling our pastor to take a hike!   He will walk 10 minutes for every $100 raised and we are hoping to raise at least $1000.

Funds raised will support educational programs in Bolivia, India, Rwanda, Lebanon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala and the Philippines.   

Will you help our pastor Get Active and reach or surpass our goal? 

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