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The Manitoba 500km

Welcome to our Active in Mission Team! 

We are glad that you’ve joined us in getting active and taking steps to end hunger locally and globally! In many countries, including Canada, many people don't know where their next meal is coming from.

Our whole team wants to raise funds for and awareness about food insecurity through Active in Mission. Without adequate food, adults and children can struggle with physical and mental health, reduce their employability or ability to go to school, and more. Together, we can help support food projects that will put food on their tables.

Working together and pooling resources has been known to pave the way for greater outcomes. Teamwork makes the dream work! Glad you’re on our team! 

Let’s Get Active.

We are CUMULATIVELY working to walk/run/swim/bike (any self-propelled activity) 500km in the month of August.

Track your activity with a phone or smart watch, and weekly send how far you've gone to kirsten@willowlake.ca. We'll keep our team updated with how far we've gone, and how far is left to go!

Don't forget to fundraise for the challenge - $500 for 500km is the goal! Let your friends and family know, post on social media and donate yourself (if you're able).

Funds raised will support food programs in Thailand, India, the Philippines, DR Congo, South Sudan, El Salvador, Rwanda, Kenya, Lebanon, Pakistan, Ukraine, AND Canada.

Ready, set, go! 

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